Peanut Butter Art: February 9, 2017

Peanut Butter Art: February 9, 2017

There I was just  quietly dreaming on the couch when I heard laughing from the kitchen to awaken me.   I ran over to the kitchen and saw it all…..peanut butter everywhere, including all over Nancy.    To my amazement, Nancy had been nudged to get the electric beaters out to stir the creamy peanut butter a bit more.     Seriously, I think I would not have minded such peanut butter spread on my silver coat or even a splash of that peanut butter on my dog food.  If I may say so myself, I was quite proud of myself for not barking after such excitement around here.  I just watched it all before my very eyes, stunned that my owner could be so clueless and then. laugh about it after she had  just wasted a half of jar of peanut butter.   Besides, she knows how much I love peanut butter, so I didn’t really appreciate her flippant attitude about the wasted peanut butter.   To top it off, they put up the gates so we could not help lick up the peanut butter floor.


 That may be all the excitement I need for this week. Now that I have witnessed Nancy’s unstable hand with the electric beater,  I am a bit nervous  because she will be making dozens of heart sugar cookies (mentioned in an earlier blog) this week for Valentine’s Day which  requires a ton of mixing with  electric beaters.    In the past, I have heard her contemplate buying  a more heavy duty mixer for her marathon sugar cookie tasks, but she always goes back to her farm girl roots that taught her that “if what you have works,  why buy a new one?”    I don’t think I want to wear cookie dough so I will stay far away from the kitchen when I see those beaters come out of the drawer.      It also would not be so cool to have her sweet butter icing splatter on to any of us as well, so maybe I should wear my outdoor protective coat when she starts her baking.   Nah… I am thinking about this far too much so I need my nap.
You better order your heart shaped sugar cookies now if you want any.    I hope that Nancy does not save any this time because quite frankly, she can’t use those extra calories if she wants to keep up with me running this spring!

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