Contemplating Valentine’s Month: February 3, 2017

Contemplating Valentine’s Month: February 3, 2017

Hello Everyone and welcome to the month of February, a time when love floats in the air. It got me thinking about  that Love day you celebrate called Valentine’s Day.   Here I go again wondering why it takes someone declaring one day a year to show anyone your love – gee, us dogs think we should show our love to others all year?!    Seriously, maybe our owners are cheap because they don’t even throw us birthday parties.  Nope, you heard that right, we celebrate US every single day so why would we need a birthday party or any sort of Valentine’s Day party as well?!   I could get on the “bandwagon” and be telling you  to make sure that you send your LOVED ones a Valentine, but then, I would be hypocritical.   Instead, I am going to encourage you to send LOVE notes to your LOVED ones all year.  Yes, that even means giving your pets love notes  even if we eat them instead of posting them in our kennel.

So now, I am pondering the true meaning of love, only  because Nancy  said, “Don’t forget that February is Love month!”  Certainly, I think it is obvious that the statement  I am loved is an understatement around here.    I mean I sometimes contemplate whether I am loved or suffocated, but let’s not question that too much because I do know that I get my space when I need it.    There it is, yup, let me just say that  LOVE is loving those in your surroundings and  knowing when to give them space so they can be free to love you according to their comfort level.    Example: I am considered a larger dog, weighing about 55 pounds and I think at least once a day, Nancy scoops me up to cuddle with her and once SHE has her fix of hugging and loving me for 5-10 minutes, I squirm to let her know “enough already” and I go on my merry way to my spot on the couch.   I always hear her say to Greg, “ah, Louie needs his cuddle time” but, Greg and I have it all figured out and we play along with her notion.   It is all good because love is being there for the other person or pet, when they need you.    Love is accepting all of their idiosyncrasies and loving them anyway!  

P.S.   You guessed it, it is that time again for Nancy to make those sugar cookies for Valentine’s week- photo is from 2016.

2 thoughts on “Contemplating Valentine’s Month: February 3, 2017

  1. You’re right Louie – “I am loved” is something that definitely shouldn’t be reserved for 1 day during the year. It sounds as though you are very well-loved, but I bet you wish you could eat those beautiful cookies 🙂 What would be your favorite way to be loved? Most days your friend Ike prefers his humans show their love by playing with him rather than cuddling him, and he lets them know that in no uncertain terms. Happy LOVE month!

    1. You ask, “What would be my favorite way to be loved?” How could I forget to say anything about feeling loved when my owners play fetch with me?! That is right up there with my daily walks or runs. I am looking forward to meeting you Ike!

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