Serenade Writes! January 21, 2017

Serenade Writes! January 21, 2017

Well, here it goes.   I am Serenade, Louie’s good friend, but I will admit, that I once found him annoying.  While I actually ask Louie to keep my life private in his blog, here he  has twisted my  paw to write his weekly blog. Yes, I suppose that while I am writing for Louie’s blog, it certainly does not require me to divulge anything about my personal life. Besides, who says any of you really care about a dog’s private life anyway?     May I remind you again, that I prefer to keep my life private and while I am being redundant, you will not get too much personal information out of me because that is just me.  I am a content standard poodle who has seriously lead an extremely pampered life and I just don’t have time to obsess about this treasured life I live one day at a time.   I don’t chase adventure like Louie does because I have learned to be content where I have been placed!

So you ask, why did I initially find Louie annoying?   If you are asking me that question, then you definitely do not know Louie’s energy or my tendency to be a loner and very quiet.  You see, at first when I arrived at this home, Louie constantly was begging me to play and then, I simply taught him the art of being still.  The poor boy,  I don’t think ever considered having friends that would sit with him  and simply enjoy his company because he was accustomed to being a doer. You all know those types of people/dogs, right!?   Some just can’t sit still and enjoy the moment and others can sit and stare at the grass growing and they are happy.  Even as I write Louie’s blog, he is only nudging me to hurry so that we can go out for our daily walk.   
Louie’s owner just reminded me that I could always write about my granddaughters on this blog, so I shall.   You see, both Harmony and Melody have been here as guests on separate ocassions and if I may brag a bit, I am  proud to say that they are my granddaughters.  Their beauty and lovely personalities leave me feeling so honored to be their Grandma.  Maybe that is why I can sit back and feel so content in my dog life here, because I know that my grandchildren are making such a positive impact on the world that they are living in.    So, rather than write a longer blog, I will share some photos of Harmony and Melody because “photos say more than words can” anyway!   The top photo is of Harmony when she completed her championship title as a puppy.   You can read more about this marvelous breeder at

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  1. Serenade-
    It’s always hard to understand how people different from us think and act – it’s a good thing to contemplate given all the events in our world right now. You may never understand, but trust in the fact that we were all created different for a reason, with different gifts to offer the world. For that reason, we all act differently – what a bore it would be if we saw everything the same! I try to trust that these differences may somehow lead to a greater good further down the road. This has helped me through some of those rough moments when someone/something REALLY annoys me 🙂 Your granddaughter is simply gorgeous – you must be so proud. I see happy dog smiles in all of the pictures! Thanks for being a guest writer on Louie’s blog – hope to hear more from you in the future.

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