January 14, 2017: Vanity and Muttluks

January 14, 2017: Vanity and Muttluks

I know this is going to sound extremely vain, but I must say that I do look rather handsome right after my face is shaved.  It usually takes me moping around a few days, staring at Nancy to remind her that Sera is  not the only one around here that needs some TLC.    Sure, I come off like the strong and secure dog and of course, I usually am; but I am admitting that I too know that sometimes I just don’t look so great.   At such times, I notice I can become a bit crabby which is totally inappropriate since I am a dog and we are not supposed to be so self-absorbed.      I don’t think I have ever been so happy to hear the sound of that small clipper as Nancy began to shave my face today.   I fell sound asleep in Nancy’s lap while I heard the clipper and only woke when that clipper went from my face to my paws.  Wait a minute, enough is enough I tried to tell her.   Finally, after I squirmed enough, she quit clipping my paws (now, I suppose I will have to wear my muttluks to cover up the partial clipping job).

Speaking of muttluks, I am so ready to be done with winter!  Enough already!   That is exactly how I am feeling about our winter and quite frankly, I am tired of those muttluks that  Nancy makes me wear (if it is not for a cover up job on her bad grooming, it is the salty roads).  Winter is not that bad and if you humans would have never invented “salt” for melting the snow and ice, I probably would not be tormented with wearing muttluks.   Well, I guess I spoke too soon because we just went for a long walk with muttluks on and I saw all the salt on our roadways near our house.   Serenade kept saying to me “see why we have to wear out muttluks, just look at all that salt on the road” and once again, she was right!    Off we pranced enjoying the much warmer day.

When we were just about home, we encountered the neighbor dog (Bravo) who always tries to intimidate us.   To my surprise, this time instead of Nancy making us go the other direction, she stopped and said to Bravo, “Good Dog Bravo, you are protecting your home” and while I was gagging at her sweet, high voice to this dog, I witnessed him stop from lurching toward us as we too stopped.   Then, seriously Nancy sweetly told him “Ok Bravo, you go home now” and off he went – he just slowly walked up their long driveway, leaving all of us in shock.

Who knows, next time you read my blog, I may write about actually going running with Nancy since she really did buy some new gortex running shoes for cold and wet weather conditions.    Ok, now I must run!

4 thoughts on “January 14, 2017: Vanity and Muttluks

  1. Louie-I’m happy to let you know that Ike completely agrees with you about being done with winter and the clothing that goes along with it. That’s so impressive that Bravo stopped and turned around at Nancy’s command – sometimes confidence and tone of voice it enough to let an animal know who’s in charge. I say that having worked with many animals, both showing them in 4-H, working on the farm, and dealing with my opinionated wirefox terrier. I hope Bravo continues to respond positively to Nancy’s commands! Enjoy the January thaw!

    1. Hello Dana (and Ike)! That is so cool that you grew up on a farm and were involved in 4-H, just like Nancy. But, she told me to tell you that you were probably a far better 4-H participant than her. She only remembers being in the “Merry Midgets” one year during 4-H. Growing up on a farm I guess simply can not be beat, as you know! When the snow and ice melt, please bring IKE over for a walk, OK?! Be careful out there on the ice today!

  2. Louie – you should thank your lucky stars that you do not have ME as your groomer. My poor poodles have had many bad hair days. Now there is only one mini here and the two big standards are gone, but the mini still has to have his face shaved and even after over 10 years of trying I STILL can’t do feet. The poodles have all hated it and so do I. Buck up there buddy – it could be worse. It could be ME grooming!

    1. Thanks Mary! I am humbled that there are actually people out there that read my blog. Mary, I am certain that you are a far better groomer than Nancy! But, I do know that I have learned patience from the time it takes Nancy to do our grooming. Thanks Lori, Dana and Sierra also for leaving comments on my blog.
      May you all have a great beginning to this year of 2017!

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