January 7, 2017

January 7, 2017

Seriously, how am I supposed to write a blog when my paws have been so cold and dry from this Minnesota bitter cold winter?  Now, just so you know, it isn’t my idea of dressing us like what you see pictured to the right below, and this may be the very reason that our standard poodle breed sometimes gets the wrong stereotype of being high-maintenance, right?!
Have you ever thought about it that it is just the owners who are high-maintenance, rather than, us!?   We just simply like to hang out and be treated like many other dogs, meaning, treated like a dog instead of like a human.   I am really sorry Nancy, but someone just needed to nudge you about his topic and here it is the very poodle that should be incredibly grateful, telling you to “chill out” how we appear when we go walking, etc.    NO WAY, I even use those silly human slangs like “chill out”  and not trying to make a pun of the weather either.  To think that she was even concerned that our muttluks did not match our fleece coats 😉 It just goes to show what happens when a dog is treated like a human for so long – we begin to act and “heaven forbid” (another human cliche)  become like a human?

Actually, my blog’s main purpose  is  to help all of you humans to be far more lighthearted in how you think of yourself and all others around you.  Don’t even think of asking me if that includes us dogs and other pets? Don’t, I said!    I really, really tried to get all of you through the whole messy Presidential Elections in November of 2016 and now, I will try to do the same through the January Inauguration.   Will Rogers said “I love a dog.  He does nothing for political reasons.” This too, is me – my agenda is to not have an agenda, but to just go hour by hour, week by week and walk by walk.
I had to go for a ride in the car before I could finish this blog to clear my brain a bit.   It was quite remarkable that we spotted this magnificent buck on the side of the road.
If we would have been walking, it would have never allowed us to get that close.  This week, I want all of you to LOOK for something remarkable in your world and report back to me what it is.   Keep your eyes and hearts open – OK, now I am getting all mushy on you and my intention was to end on a light note.

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  1. Love your outfits! … and your shoes DO match; I think so! Keep blogging Louie, you make me lol and it’s keeping me lighthearted! Thanks so much! Love, Lori

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