December 29, 2016 Thanks Ike and Aria!

December 29, 2016 Thanks Ike and Aria!

Almost, Happy New Year!   While Nancy is off having work done on her old 🚗 car, I will at least start a new blog.   I totally forgot to thank my friend IKE, a Wire-Haired Fox Terrier, (photo enclosed of part of his family) for those yummy dog treats that one of his owners, Aria, made for me for Christmas –  Thank you Aria and Ike for thinking of me at Christmas time. Aria and Ike, the Pumpkin Puff Pet Treats are absolutely the best and I am savoring them for special moments so I can dream about meeting you in person.    The other cool part of your gift is that it has made Nancy aware of the need to learn how to make homemade dog treats for us – yippee!    Isn’t life grand to have friends that help friends – thanks Ike and Aria!  

Aria and Lucas and their famous IKE

Do you know that while I was not even thinking of receiving any Christmas gifts, I must admit, it was rather cool to get at least one gift at Christmas other than from Nancy!   I already have written in other blogs that we are constantly getting gifts from our owners, so every day is like Christmas for us.  I will still stick to what I always say  in that the best gifts are free!  Along with Aria’s homemade gift came the ❤️ love that she put into the gift – she is so special!

Oh, oh, and to think that I did not even think about giving my owners or friends any gifts?!  Do you know that I was a gift to Greg many years ago?  Nancy said the best gifts to give are those that you want for yourself and that is how I got stuck with her too. Maybe a better word would be overwhelmed with her?   You try living with a musician/artist, enough said!  Yup, I guess I am one big gift that keeps on giving!  
I may not have any New Year’s Resolutions except to get my owners to exercise more, which means I get more walks and runs too!  First things first, I could actually go with Nancy to buy some new winter running shoes this weekend?!   I think running stores mostly allow dogs, right?     I find that many runners tend to be dog lovers  or is it the other way around that us dogs love runners so much, so runners have to love us?   I am getting dizzy without even running in circles now, so stop!   Ever since I started writing these blogs, I find I analyze things and life far too much  and then, I just have to STOP and SNAP out of it.  Let that be a lesson to all of you this New Year – try not to analyze so much (like my owner) and relax and rest more in 2017!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the pumpkin dog treats Louie! Aria said she can’t wait to meet you someday, but maybe when the Minnesota weather is a bit more enjoyable for humans that prefer spring/summer/fall 🙂

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