Merry Christmas from Louie and Serenade!

Merry Christmas from Louie and Serenade!

Merry Christmas from our house to your house!   I think that I basically want the same thing for Christmas as all of you humans, and that is peace, joy  and love.   I don’t really notice any difference at our house at Christmas time compared to any other day.  I do know that Nancy holds very dear in her heart the baby Jesus that is the reason for Christmas season.   I also know that some people make a “wish list” for Christmas and I think you already know if you read my blogs that I don’t need a “wish list” because I don’t need much.  As long as I get my walks and bouncing ball, I am good!    I would really hurt my owner’s feelings if I shared that I wish Nancy would have us professionally groomed once in a while too; but, you could always suggest it to her!

So, here it is,  the middle of Christmas Day and instead of having the house to ourselves (with Serenade), our owners decided to stay home because of the questionable weather.    While I feel kind of bad since I heard Nancy tell several people that while they maybe could  get up north, they would be concerned about getting back home for US poodles – none of the others venturing up north have dogs to care about so if they have to stay overnight, they could.    Anyhow, yup, no space for me today.   Don’t get me wrong, I am not really complaining, but my mood for writing now has been diminished.  In fact, after I was moping around here, Serenade volunteered to finish the blog, so let me turn it over to her now.
Hello Louie blog readers!  I am Louie’s sister, Serenade.    While Louie is most often  Light Hearted Louie, he sometimes becomes like his one owner and needs his space.   I can often remind him that we should just be glad that our owners love us so much and then, he simply goes upstairs on their bed to have his time alone.  I suppose I would be nicknamed Simply Sweet Serenade around here because I really don’t let anything bother me.  In fact, I was also discussing with Louie what would happen if all of sudden they did get iced in up north or  what if they left us outside all day like so many other dogs?    Oh, you guessed it, I tend to keep Louie in line around here and he keeps me laughing every day with his come backs when I am trying to reason with him.   I do hope that all of you reading Louie’s blog enjoy this peaceful Christmas Day.  I am quite glad that our owners changed their plans to be with us all day without any phones ringing. 
I have included photos that were from previous years since we did not get the lights up this year.  I miss that blue tree.  I miss the little tree with lights too.  
I am a dreamer, so I  will look up at the stars for inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Louie and Serenade!

  1. Merry Christmas! Love the beautiful pictures and it was fun to hear from your sister Serenade! Wishing you peace, love and joy in 2017 (and better weather!)!

  2. Merry Christmas to all at your place and to your friends and relatives as well! The rain makes it kind of cozy inside and we did our holiday entertaining last night with dinner and fun for 16 family members. The cheesy potatoes (2 pans) were in rather short supply as “someone” (no names but a big yellow fluffy dog – NOT a poodle of course) got into the middle of one of the pans. It all worked out fine and he’s fine too, but he likes picking up dead birds so he can eat anything without ill effects. May 2017 be happy and prosperous to you all and to the wonderful dogs as well. We all deserve a good year so let’s hope we all get that this year!

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