December 18, 2016: Time for Mutt Luks

December 18, 2016: Time for Mutt Luks

As I type this blog, most of my readers are preparing to stay at home while a Minnesota snow storm swings into full force.  I think that I heard the snow blower start in the garage too, so there must be some serious snow coming.  OK, so to you, this all sounds rather boring and I really apologize, but try to understand that I don’t always have a lot of options on blogging material. 

Recently, I had the opportunity  to sit in to listen to the music lessons at my home and I must admit, it was rather entertaining!  Even though the students seem to welcome us, us dogs know when to stay in the corner and pretend that we are not listening.  I have heard more than once Nancy say this to students:  “I will never ask you what you are thinking or feeling  as you play your instrument, but, I do need to hear that you are thinking or feeling or have a story” and  this does somehow lead me to my blog material today.  Have you ever tried to NOT think or feel?    Contrary to what some people think, I really do think a lot  and experience  emotions.   Just think about how us dogs don’t have to be out there with our thoughts and feelings and so our silence is mostly enough most of the time.  HA, and you yourself may be  one of those non-believers that us dogs have thoughts and feelings – WRONG!    It just so happens that my owner has me blogging because she knows that I get bored just sitting around and have to have something to do to occupy my time and energy. I am just thankful that my owners value my thoughts.   
 Speaking of thoughts, I noticed there is a movie coming out called “A Dog’s Purpose” and I also noticed in the back seat of our Nancy’s car is the library book of this movie title.  Really!   She has to read a book called “A Dog’s Purpose” when she could just consult me?!   Now, I am not the type of dog that destroys things, so I won’t be chewing up the book before she reads it, but I am not so happy she is even considering reading yet another one of those dog books.    Next thing you know, she will try to talk me into writing a book.    I have not even begun to write a Christmas blog even though  the Clement Clark Moore words “While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads”   keep dancing through my head.    
I must say, I welcomed this -20 degree temps in Minnesota today.  My owners did not even leave the house except to fetch the MuttLuk boot that fell off my foot when I went outside briefly.   My sister Serenade would not even consider going outside with her bright pink boots and I thought that was odd since no one would have seen us anyway in those ridiculous boots.   Wait….we don’t care how we look, but our owners care, so we try!   Oh my….here I started this blog a few days ago with no material and now, I am overwhelmed with this and that.   I will try to write before Christmas – if you want to know what to give your pets for Chrismtas, I can give you a suggestion – TIME!  Good ol’ fashioned time with us pets, surrounded by loved ones.   P.S.  Serenade did not let me take a photo of her in her hot pink Mutt Luks; perhaps next time.

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