December 1, 2016 Reflecting on My Birthday

December 1, 2016 Reflecting on My Birthday

Last night,  when Nancy arrived home, she remembered that it was my birthday.   She proceeded  to gush with emotion of her  admiration and love for me.   Does she really think I need to be reminded of her love for me?   There is a saying that I have heard a few times from humans that goes something like this, “I said I loved you once and if it changes, I will let you know!” and this really could apply to us dogs.  Once a human declares their love for us, we seal it on our heart.   We treasure that statement of your human love because we don’t question that love or challenge it like so many of you silly humans do every day.  I could get all sappy   and write about  love; but seriously, are you remembering this is my Lighthearted Louie blog after all!  Maybe one day, I will find it necessary to write of such human emotions, but for now, let’s just say that I do know what love means, as I live in it,

I must admit, it feels like most days around here  are like birthday parties, so I was surprised by her big display of birthday songs and cheers.   I reminded her that she had  just bought me a new planet dog ball, so not to worry.   Then, I got to thinking, gee, am I suppose to know when her birthday is and what am I suppose to do about it anyway?   It did not take long however, and I went back to my daydreaming about how I arrived at this home.    You see, I came from  Toronto, Canada.   I was picked up   at Dawin Standard Poodle Kennel in  Toronto, though my breeders were both Dawin and Lemerle Standard Poodles.  Yes, you may not think I remember it but here is how it went.   Nancy and her brother Mike came to the Dawin Kennels and I was waiting for her because I heard she was like this standard poodle enthusiast extraordinaire.   Do I even need to tell you that when I met Nancy, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT?!   Mike came because he worked for Delta Airlines at the time and he could assist with keeping  the cost of travel down, etc. and managing me so they would not put me in the cargo.  It was quite an ordeal to get me on that flight until some sweet women came out and said “of course, that adorable puppy can go on the flight” after some guys stated that I could not go on the flight.   Mike is so wise and I had heard him tell Nancy several times “if they question Louie going on the flight, just be quiet, I will handle it”  and he did.    So, there it is, if you ever wondered how I got to this home.   


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In case you are wondering, I don’t expect any birthday cards and I was not hinting for you to send me one either!   I don’t seek attention, I just get it  when I am out and about because I am rather cute – dang, did I just say that?   I know, I need to be more humble, but until I started writing this blog, I did not even know what humility was?   Come on, don’t you think everyone should  express their love and adoration far more often and not assume they know they are cute or loved, or whatever?!   Whoa… my head is spinning because I am tired of trying to figure out what to tell you humans to do – you figure it out.  It is simple!  LOVE, LIVE and stay humble (like me HA HA).  
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