Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Everyone!   I really had planned to write a Thanksgiving blog sooner, rather than later; but this time, it was because  Nancy was  monopolizing the computer.  Yup, earlier in the week when I was so inspired to write all about my gratitude even toward you humans, I was denied the opportunity.   This leaves me scrambling to recap those thoughts to publish this blog before the Thanksgiving weekend has passed.   I know, just when you couldn’t wait to hear what a dog like me, is thankful for most?!

For starters, I must say as much as I loved my few years in obedience and some agility training, I am grateful that as a dog, I have the privilege to NOT dwell on what could have been and so, I simply enjoy one day at a time.    (I think I may have briefly covered this in another blog, so excuse my redundancy.) Oh sure, you humans try to act like you don’t let the past control you, but you just don’t have the art of living in the moment down like us dogs (at least this one).  For instance, you don’t see me bumming out if I miss a few balls that Nancy throws me, do you?  No, we just let it go and go after the next one.    Even while I watch all those adorable dogs on the National Dog Show tonight on TV, I don’t regret that my sister Serenade once was in those dog shows – nope, I can’t even believe I am writing about it because it does not matter except that I am thankful that she is with us now.

Yes, I am thankful that I am NOT wired like you humans.  Oh, I don’t mean that as an insult to you, but again, just an observation.   Which brings me to say that I am thankful that I do not even have to  dwell too much on what I am thankful for because basically, I am thankful for everything, everyday and for everyone that I encounter.    My owners sometimes say “Poodles Happen” while I say “Thanks Happens” and I do hope that many happy moments happened for you with your families and pets during this weekend of Thanksgiving.   Thank you for reading my blogs. img_20100919_181011P.S.   I am quite thankful for humans in the world!

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