November 16, 2016

November 16, 2016

Just about the time that I had abandoned my ideas for my blog this week, I looked outside to see the super moon.  To say that I was awestruck is actually quite an understatement.     Keep in mind that after Nancy’s time near the ocean, I had to endure tons of gorgeous photos of the ocean, while at the same time, feeling a bit of self-pity since I knew I would never experience the ocean.   Self-pity is just a real wicked emotion and I did not think I had that human emotion in me. Once I acknowledged that I felt the horrible self-pity emotion, I soon came to my senses and went outside to which the SUPER MOON appeared before my very own eyes.  

Now, here comes one of my dog lectures.    Why, oh why, do you humans not  walk away from bad emotions?? I will be the first to admit, that when bad emotions start to emerge, I usually go to my humans to hug me.  Then, I beg them to go outside which aides  me in my journey back  to  a healthy perspective.    Have you ever wondered why God created us dogs?  For starters, we take you  humans outside to enjoy the great outdoors.  Fresh air helps  people to air out their thoughts (not to mention that we really like our walks and runs as much as our owners do).  Speaking of running, Nancy keeps talking about starting up her running again to at least do 5K’s. Often at 5K’s, dogs are allowed to motivate their owners to do their best.  So, of course I keep nudging her to get moving and maybe I just have to sign her  up for a Thanksgiving Trot or a December run?

 After viewing the super moon these past evenings,  I wonder if I  would have preferred living outdoors, like so many dogs?  Instead of laying in one of our indoor plush dog beds, I could be sitting on the hard ground outside, gazing at the stars and moon every night.    OK, that was the end of those thoughts.   I like my indoor bed, thank you!  Don’t you even suggest to my owners that they build me a dog house outside, or I will make sure you are put in the dog house.   I can’t believe I was even thinking about such an alternative option for myself!

Can you imagine next week when I blog about Thanksgiving!?   Yes, I am so grateful for so many things on this earth.  Us dogs are grateful for everything from a tiny hug to new toys;  but most of all, we too are grateful for our friends whether they are other canines or humans.   Check out my blog next week and thanks for reading these blogs.  I am going to go collect some of the dog treats that I was promised if I write this?! 

P.S. Since I was unable to take photos of the super moon that would show you the spectacular view, I am including ocean photos instead. 
img_0275 img_0425 img_0517 img_0543 img_0150 img_0165 img_0188 img_0503 img_0517 img_0560


One thought on “November 16, 2016

  1. Pets are such a wonderful gift to humans to get us out of the ruts we sometimes get stuck in (and sometimes without even realizing it!). So glad you were able to enjoy the awe and beauty of the super moon Louie! We all have so much to be thankful for – here’s wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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