November 13, 2016

November 13, 2016

Hello Everyone!   You may   be anticipating  what I  would blog about after  the huge election that took place in America last week?   However, since SNOOPY was not on the ballot, I am refraining from even contemplating any longer of such discussion, so there!10426164_410654752440686_2057014751290757072_n

 If you have not noticed yet, I am here on this earth to help our human friends to forget about anything that causes them to worry or fret.  I take Nancy on many long walks, often twice a day to help her remain positive and calm about her life on this earth.   As we walked for a second time yesterday afternoon, I found myself focusing on the beauty surrounding us, rather than the fact that I so need to be groomed and bathed.   Seriously, I even think it is time for a good bath.   But, Nancy assured us that it would happen before the snow flies and that she would not clip our winter coats off all the way.

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