Back From Vacation, November 6, 2016

Back From Vacation, November 6, 2016

Hello and Greeting from the home of “Musique Standard Poodles”!  You see, I have been on vacation here for over a week at Jill’s home and I do not think it will be a surprise that I really needed a vacation!   It was not only a vacation; but also, a whirlwind of  both education and fun.   I was able to see some of Jill’s standard poodles prepare for their Dog Shows and bring home more winnings and experiences.  It was fascinating to hear all about their adventures at the Dog Shows.  I could listen to their stories for hours.  To think, that I thought we lived a pretty cool life in our home!   I think I would have preferred Agility and Obedience training to the Show Ring for Beauty because  I don’t think Nancy could ever have kept up with all the show dog showcoats.  Jill is like this superwoman/breeder/Vet all in one and just as nice if not nicer than Nancy or Greg.img_0575

So, I trust that all of you survived another Halloween last Monday?!   I might as well admit to you that I had the luxury of spending Halloween with a house full of other standard poodles, so Halloween came and went without any glitch.   Seriously, it was more like one huge party, rather than Halloween! Every time I turned around, I had a new poodle friend and every time I fell asleep, I dreamt that I was in Standard Poodle Heaven.  News Flash:  I was in Standard Poodle Heaven!!!   It was just so cool how Jill (the amazing human in residence) just let us do our own thing, not constantly monitoring our every motion as Nancy does back at our home.   It’s Ok, I know that she means well, but seriously, I hope that she learned how to chill  a bit while she spent a week in Florida?!

Actually, you may be wondering what it was like to be away from our normal (if you can call them normal?) owners for over one week?!   Well, I can’t really say, because we were just kept so busy that I did not think about them much at all.  Whoa, sorry Nancy, but rest assured that is a good thing, because then you know that we were well taken care of, so no worries! You see, us dogs don’t “beat around the bush” we just PEE around the bush  BARK! BARK! so, I just say it like it is all the time.  You are probably growing accustomed to my little annoying comments if you have been reading this blog for very long?!

I just have to add this in case any of you are contemplating buying   a standard poodle for yourself (and no, Nancy did not push me to say this!)!   I would recommend Jill L. and Sally F. anytime as the most fabulous breeders possible…..Musique Standard Poodles!   Now, I realize that I was not from them, but she did continue the amazing line of   Elaine R., Lemerle Standard Poodles.  I believe that great people in any walks of  life learn from each other.    Secure humans tend to surround themselves with people that will constantly push them to grow, both  in their professional and personal lives.

I hope someday I can see the ocean with Nancy, but for now, photos will have to suffice!

 img_0560 img_0189 img_0503 img_0517


3 thoughts on “Back From Vacation, November 6, 2016

  1. Dear Louie,
    Bet your human Nancy was thinking of you while standing on the beach up there.
    She would only trust you w/ the very best as I’ve been reading your blog.
    Her photos are breathtaking for a human. That’s for sure.

  2. Oh Louie, it sounds like a change of environment and a little get away was great for all of you! Glad you all had such a wonderful few days 🙂

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