October 9, 2016

October 9, 2016

It is almost a week now since I had laser surgery on my eye to remove a growth. Dr. Jackie Piepkorn and the whole Westonka Animal Hospital Staff could not have been more professional and kind to me.  Fortunately, the histopath results came back and I do NOT have cancer.   You may not realize this but us dogs don’t really think about such matters of cancer and other illnesses; we just live in the moment.   Often I witness that it is a gift to live in the moment and not dwell on the past or worry about the future.   Each day, I remind my owners of this and each day, they thank me for keeping life’s perspective in order.

Oh jeepers, this blog is suppose to be Lighthearted Louie, but blame it on Nancy for me going off on a   philosophical tangent (I happen to live with a way over philosophical woman).   What a lovely time of year it is with the gorgeous changing colors each day on all the trees around here. I was rather bummed that instead of Nancy mowing and bagging the backyard, she just blew the leaves out of the backyard.   That meant, instead of being able to play fetch with her the entire time while she usually mows, I had to remain inside and watch her blow the leaves because she said the backpack blower would hurt my ears?! Really!?   What kind of excuse is that; couldn’t she give me earplugs or let me wear those headsets like she wears? When she has that huge headset on, I can’t even bark at her to get her attention from the window even if I need her?! Sometimes, I guess that is what rejection feels like; but, I forget all about those feelings when she comes into the house. img_9719img_2246

I understand that this blog may now have a website because Nancy’s niece, Alicia and her friend, Andy are helping her build  and publish it.   I am not sure if that puts more pressure on me, or not, to at least try to be a better writer?   It might be too late for this “older dog to learn new tricks” – there I go again, using those silly human quotes – but, I will continue to shed some light on living a slightly pampered life at this house that I certainly call home. No wonder I can easily take one day at a time and not worry! I think I will go to bed now.

2 thoughts on “October 9, 2016

  1. Louie,
    Liam & Jacob also like to run the backpack blower and have headphones just like Nancy….we’ll show you pics next time. TY for reminding me of that wise human quote!

    1. Liam and Jacob are two of Louie’s favorite people now. He told me to tell you THANKS for being such a cool family and to visit anytime!

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