July 12, 2016

July 12, 2016

We just celebrated Greg’s 60th birthday here.   While I suppose I could write about what we did  because you humans are curious  that way, I hate to disappoint you, because most of their celebrating did not involve ME.  Seriously, can you believe that!?   Nancy’s brother Kevin and his wife Etta took them out to a restaurant (no dogs allowed) on Saturday.  On Sunday, after church, they went out with some friends for lunch.

img_9139-1So, this leaves me to write about the true excitement around here this past week.   You see, it occurred to me that   the most exciting thing that happened was all of us watching for Baltimore Orioles to arrive in the new bird feeder.  Up to today, I did not have much to write about, but now that the Baltimore Orioles arrived, VOILA!     I sat by the porch door vigilantly watching for the birds to show up.   I even alerted Nancy when I thought there was a different bird at the other bird feeders.   All at the same time, Serenade just slept in her bed, content just to have us all near her, occasionally batting her gorgeous brown eyes at us. It is a good thing that she is so calm all the time, because she continually has to remind me to chill out.    Wait, she (Serenade) does get a bit over excited when she hears that her “grandkids” Harmony or Melody will be visiting.   I think she dreams about them a lot, because she always has a smile on her face when her eyes are closed.

News Flash:  Nancy just received an e-mail that she won a Dr. JB’s Hummingbird Feeder from the Wild Bird Store, so now I will be watching for hummingbirds too.   Isn’t it enough for her to just watch me, instead of watching the birds now too.   Oh wait, I am not suppose to be self-absorbed, I am just a dog that forgets that I am not human.  Try living with Nancy and you would know why I forget that I am a dog.

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