August 4, 2016

August 4, 2016

Finally, there is silence in our house, after Nancy and Greg watched all the six seasons of “Doc Martin” on Netflix.   I so love the summers with Nancy home  almost  all the time so it seems, so I have been making her take time to look deep into my eyes lately.  I remind her that life is so very short so take time to enjoy me and all those surrounding her.   Have you ever noticed that us dogs just wait for you to listen to us,  which usually is us helping you stop and listen to your heart for once, rather than running?!    We take you on walks not just because we want you to exercise, but because we want you to take time to think and let your mind process your busy days.    We do all sorts of things to get your attention so you can put so much of life into perspective.   So, we allowed Nancy to watch “Doc Martin” because for now, that was a great summer escape and it is OK to escape as long as you come back to your dogs.

 I included some photos of this great newer saxophone student that comes to the house.   He is such a cool kid! Just before these photos Nancy took, he was just chilling and stroking me and he didn’t have to say he liked me, I just knew.  Seriously, she really does screen new students that come here you know?!

Anyhow, Liam is a great student and I really like his brother too because he watches the Minnesota Twin’s games with me sometimes. Version 2 Version 2

 I am not going to write much more as I am worn out from the humidity here in Minnesota.  Speaking of, Serenade (my sister in case you forgot) is sleeping on Nancy’s nap now and I am nodding off so, I will just say, have a jolly good weekend, wherever it takes you.  Also, don’t blame me if I don’t have an official blog set-up yet, that is not my job.   I suppose you can comment via e-mail if you even read these blogs.  I am not certain how much longer I will keep these blogs going because I don’t know how much you humans can appreciate me giving out this canine advice!   Bye for now, Louie

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