July 5, 2016

July 5, 2016

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It certainly has not been a “normal” week around here!   First of all, Nancy and Greg have started watching this series from PBS on Netflix called “Doc Martin” and I must say, personally, I prefer the Minnesota Twin’s baseball games.  Why, well, for starters I love watching any ball fly through the air and watching you humans try to catch it and I have not yet seen any balls flying in “Doc Martin” and I don’t anticipate waiting to see such activity.   Then, baseball is quite straight-forward, leaving me to be able to easily nap and still follow the game. Not so much when I am watching Doc Martin and trying to keep track of all the patients he has to see.    So far, in the series, Doc Martin seems to loath dogs, so I will only watch to see if any of my kind can persuade the doctor to give any dog a chance?!  Stay tuned….

 The other news is that my one true dogsitter, Nancy’s brother Mike or Miguel at our house left for another Peace Corps assignment to teach English at a Mexico University.  Why didn’t he teach us Spanish when he stayed here…..no wonder we did not understand him, we didn’t speak the same language?!   We certainly like Mike a lot because he took us on great walks and runs and never tried to analyze us like Nancy does.      Why can’t more humans be like Mike – just take us dogs on long walks and keep the house quiet so we can sleep after those walks!?   (Thanks Mike, we have missed you!)   Personally, I like it when Nancy practices because her music says far more than any human words and that old saying that “Music is the Universal Language” really is quite fitting.

On Thursday, I knew something was a bit off when Nancy walked us at 6:15 AM, but she assured me when she left at 6:45 that she would not return too late.       I guess it was the first time her Mom had a garage sale in like 25 years.  She did not take any dog toys, dog bed or kennels to sell, so all was fine.    I think I have only been dragged to a few garage sales over the years and  while I am  not a fan of the garage sales, I loved  the adventure of driving around.   Sometimes, I really miss going to Dog Training classes, not because of the actual classes, but the socializing with other dogs.   You will soon learn that Nancy kind of shelters us and definitely over protects us (under statement).

P.S. The photos I picked for today’s blog are of  me playing fetch; this happens to be my favorite past time.

July 5, 2016


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